John Bezold



This book was conceived as being intended for all creative professionals who rely on materials and technologies–as architects, designers, stylists, artists, from students to experienced practitioners. It is meant to a be sort-of textbook introduction to innovative uses of materials (emerging due to the then Great Recession), written in the form of a glossy-hardback magazine. The creative industry’s guide to materials and technologies; Materiology is divided into four sections; Categories of materials: various types of wood, plastic, glass, metal, lighting, etc. Catalogue of materials: catalogue cards that identify various materials, from the most basic substance to the latest cutting-edge innovation. Processes: major methods of processing materials (e.g. injection moulding, extrusion) explained with instructive diagrams. Thinking out of the box: the issue of relevance to any study of materials and technologies, such as ecology and virtual issues. The updated, softcover edition holds 17 new material catalogue cards among which are superconductive metamaterials, semi-conductor materials, rare earth metals, lithium, and photovoltaic materials. New information about sustainability is added to the book in the form of the process ‘recycling’, and an in-depth article on how to deal with sustainability in projects, touching on biomimicry and environmental, economical, strategic, and health-related stakes.

  • Role: Copy-editor
  • Publisher: Frame Publishers, Amsterdam
  • Pages: 344
  • Size: 20 × 29.5 cm
  • ISBN: 978 3764384241