John Bezold


John Bezold (1985, Cincinnati) is an Amsterdam-based American-Dutch editor, writer, researcher, and journalist. His work expands the value and visibility of organizations through the creation of digital media, print publications, and editorial communications. He began his career in journalism at Frame magazine, writing on architecture, art, and design. He also holds a wealth of knowledge of the Old Masters, web3, AI art, and the metaverse—adding a history-infused, futuristic element to his editorial work.

He specializes in crafting and elevating the visionary stories of industry leaders, with a keen focus on shaping discussions that build lasting organizational legacies.

From 2019 to 2024, John served as an editorial board member and the first digital book and exhibition review editor for Oud Holland; the world’s longest-continuously published academic art-historical journal, which covers the art of the Low Countries, from c. 1450-1950.

As a publishing expert, John is sought after for his emotive, narrative-driven craftsmanship across a wide range of digital and print media. He holds an MA and research MA in art history, from the University of Amsterdam, and a BSc from the University of Cincinnati. John has written for the journals Elephant, Frame, Domus, Mark, Early Modern Low Countries, and Oud Holland; and has edited books published by Hatje Cantz, Birkhäuser, and Actaramong others. He also hosts the podcast Dutch Art & Design Today, which is published by Semicolon-Press, and premiered in 2022.

–C. McIntosh, The Swan King.
–D. Tunstall, Decolonizing Design.

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