John Bezold


John Bezold (Cincinnati, 1985) is a publishing wizard, with a knack for turning ink, imagery, and pixels into editorial magic, seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional and digital media. Fully immersed in web3, the world of AI, design, architecture, Old Masters, and urbanism; he combines a sophisticated blend of historical research with a futuristic, vision within his work.

As an editor, writer, and publishing expert, John is dedicated to creating narratives that captivate, inform, and inspire audiences. With a vast portfolio spanning tech, art, and design across numerous platforms; John specializes in research-driven content, meticulous editing, and digital publishing strategies.

He began his career at Frame magazine, where he learned the foundations of architecture, art, and design journalism. Later collaborations with renowned designers—including Wiel Arets and Irma Boom—underscore his ability to transform complex, emotive ideas into accessible, engaging editorial visions.

Over decades, John’s work has explored the boundaries of publishing through monographs, websites, and innovative digital platforms; consistently pushing the envelope of possibility in print and digital formats. He holds two MAs from the University of Amsterdam, alongside a BSc from the University of Cincinnati.

As the first digital review editor of Oud Holland, from 2019 to 2024, he played a pivotal role modernizing the world’s longest-published art-historical journal. He also hosts the podcast Dutch Art & Design Today, which is published by Semicolon-Press, and premiered in 2022.

Based in Amsterdam and embedded within a global network, John’s character can be defined by his commitment to integrity—ensuring that his work is meticulously crafted, and meaningful.

–E. Pasztory, Exile Space.
–C. McIntosh, The Swan King.
–D. Tunstall, Decolonizing Design.

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