John Bezold


John Bezold (1985, Cincinnati) is an Amsterdam-based American-Dutch editor, researcher, writer, and journalist. He is specialized in the dissemination of ideas using the tools of digital and print publishing. His work is at the forefront of the latest advancements in design, art, technology, and architecture—offering a glimpse into the future of creativity, and how it’s evolving within the digital age.

John began in journalism by writing for the magazines Frame and Mark; and has collaborated with leading technology, design, art, and publishing organizations to help shape their editorial visions. He holds two master’s degrees from the University of Amsterdam, alongside a BSc from the University of Cincinnati.

John has written for the titles Elephant, Frame, Domus, Mark, Early Modern Low Countries, and Oud Holland; and has edited books published by Hatje Cantz, Birkhäuser, and Actaramong others. He is the host of Dutch Art & Design Today, which launched in October 2022.

–E. Pasztory, Aztec Art.
–E. Pasztory, Teotihuacan.
–N. Kent, Soul of the North.
–E. Pasztory, Exile Space.
–D. Weller, Frans Hals in America.

S/S 2023: Rereading the Tao Te Ching, researching/interviewing curators, and editing reviews for Oud Holland–The Journal for Art of the Low Countries.

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