John Bezold

Wiel Arets–Bas Princen


This sturdy, tense, and quite proud book, encapsulates a five year journey throughout the life of twelve buildings of the architect Wiel Arets, as experienced by artist Bas Princen. His imagery documents the interplay of contemporary metropolitan conditions, as they converge with raw wilderness. Within the book’s pages, columns seem to be composed of trees; fritted surfaces resemble abstract paintings; and mechanical systems appear to replicate sculptural silhouettes. Accordingly, the book freezes inconspicuous incidents of ephemerality that paralleled the use and construction of the twelve buildings. Designed by Mevis & van Deursen in Amsterdam–who are perhaps best known for their logo and branding of the city’s Stedelijk Museum; the book offers an exceptional window onto moments in time in the life of some of Arets’ key buildings through its striking images–capturing ephemeral moments rarely seen by those not involved, or permitted to be admitted to, their construction sites.