John Bezold


John Bezold (1985, Cincinnati) is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. His work expands the value and visibility of organizations through the creation of digital media, print publications, and editorial communications. After writing design and architecture journalism at Frame and Mark magazines, and then producing media for museums and visual artists; he works in the design, art, tech, and publishing industries–using brand narrative as his operational methodology.

Much of his work is centered upon the convergence of research, art, nature, and leadership–best exemplified by his 2008 interview with the designer Neri Oxman.

–D. Hawkins, Power vs. Force.
–R. Daalder, Van de Velde & Sons.
–R. Greenleaf, Servant Leadership.
–E. Pasztory, Thinking with Things.
–C. Campbell, Fashion Victims.

W/S 2022: Editing reviews for the art journal Oud Holland, and studying the Dutch Old Master painter Frans Hals.